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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Threshold or the Beyond

The extension of the self towards Awareness passes through an intermediate dimension between material Form and the Real that we can define as the ‘Threshold’, the Beyond or if we prefer the ‘Other Side’. When we dream or travel on the astral planes or carry out explorations on the frontier, as in ‘between one life and another’, we find ourselves in this Half-way World. Just as entry into the material world of Form passes through the world of numbers, the way out passes through the Threshold: in the first case realty fragments, in the second it reassembles.

We can imagine the Threshold as:

·          Beyond our material world
·          As an interregnum between parallel worlds
·          Between the universe of Form and the Real.

We are talking about a hyperspace in which disincarnate souls arrive and withdraw: it is not ‘somewhere else’ but rather the extended projection of a growing being.

Our incarnate physical body is therefore only a dimensional fraction of the greater reality that constitutes the complex soul/body.

Following the logic of reincarnation, we can say that the Threshold hosts the passage of those packets of experiences known as Souls which, by means of one incarnation after another ideally complete themselves.

The sequence is usually thought of as: The Material World -The Other Side – The Absolute, or as Form-Threshold-Real. 

Nevertheless everything is also reflected inside each and every thing: so let’s not limit ourselves to the representation of transcendent directions, but complete it with that of the - perhaps more significant - immanent.

The Real is therefore that which is beyond but also inside.

Take a look at these illustrations of levels of reality – created at different times using different logic and a diagram taken from the book No Boundary by Ken Wilber that I warmly recommend you to read.

My diagram represents reality ‘from high to low’; however the two extremes touch each other, without solutions of continuity. The most reduced level of reality is relative or individual (quasi-real), it is the point of departure on the scale of significance that continuously extending, leads to the Absolute. A reality in which through every single thing – on the various scales of interaction/perception/consciousness – one rediscovers the All.

We have to remember that the All is not ‘somewhere else’ in respect to where we find ourselves. Everything is Here and Now. It is necessary to acquire a new level of Consciousness to recognize and participate in the All through every idea and  thing no matter how small or simple.

This diagram illustrates the development of reality according to three fundamental references: Being as the Subject, the Real as environment (object) and Consciousness intended as perception, knowledge and awareness applied to the various levels of possible reality. It is important to note that the distinction between Being, Real and Consciousness assumes a formal and non-substantial role.

                                                                                (Courtesy of Ken Wilber – No Boundary)

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