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Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Reality

‘Our world’ is a dimension which exists inside our current plane of existence but which belongs to a much wider possibility of lines of reality that are nevertheless part of the same ‘dimension’.

Our plane of existence appears solid and three-dimensional because we perceive things are solid to the touch and that time has a certain speed, which we measure in proportion to our perception of celestial dynamics.
These parameters determine the world of space-time-mass-energy that physics, astronomy, chemistry, the natural sciences and mathematics wish to interpret and exploit.

Inside a plane of reality or the reality that is commonly accepted as such, every individual develops their own personal dimension. Opinions and subjective meanings make up the individual ‘quasi-real’ (almost real), as defined by Theosophy.

The investigation of subjective dimensions is the concern of the human sciences, of psychology, sociology, and the arts and it is there, that mental and emotional dynamics, more than the perceptions of the senses, determine what is real.

Each one of us, beginning from our own quasi-real and our capacity to give significance to things can construct a bridge which reunites human experience to the All.

Let’s look at it in more depth and examine what lies ‘beyond’ our subjective representation of reality and beyond the conventional plane of our material, human and earthly existence. 

Beyond the veil of the quasi-real and the consensual suggestion that delineates the borders of our plane of existence (or our physical three-dimensional reality), we find a more complex ‘supporting structure’ that constitutes a much broader dimensional reality.

This wider level of reality or rather the combination of the band of frequencies in which our specific frequency is to be found, constitutes our dimension (our plane of existence), along with other possible frequencies or lines of reality that are dimensionally compatible with one another.
This dimension is our ‘world’, one of the numerous possible parallel worlds to be found among numerous dimensions and bands of possible frequencies.

The universe of material Form as a whole consists of our world united to many other worlds-dimensions, defined as ‘parallel worlds’. They are also described as such in the models of the universe explored by mathematics and physics.
The multi-world theory is not new; the first to introduce it was Hugh Everett in 1957. There are worlds, multiple worlds in our universe and each one develops on the basis of the dynamics derived from primeval energies and forces. For this reason we define and codify them as derivative laws. I use the term ‘laws’ even though it would be more appropriate to call them ‘phenomena’: the world is not made of ‘laws’ but of phenomena and we tend to codify them on the basis of our ability to interpret reality.

These same derivative laws, that we can imagine ruling our universe, become something even more specific at a dimensional level: In every world-dimension the fundamental laws correspond to a specific version of themselves and then by specializing on each plane of reality they become the ‘physical laws’ that we know of as gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear forces etc.

We can see that as we slowly descend into the material world the same dynamics are repeated but on different levels and scales. It begins with the primeval laws at the level of the ‘multi-verses’; from there universal functions (derivative laws), are generated that function inside every specific universe. In the possible dimensions of our universe the derivative laws apply themselves to time, or better in time, seen as a flow from the past to the future and are known as ‘time’ (or temporal) matrices. 

These matrices, which are different in every dimension, finally become the physical laws of each plane of existence, or the reality that is perceived at our current psycho-biological level.
The sequence is therefore as follows:

The ‘parallel worlds’ – just as all possible states of being – are not ‘from somewhere else’ but, vibrating on different frequencies, they are all contemporary and interpenetrate.

In every temporally oriented world the derivative laws combine in a different way. Just as the respective time matrixes that operate on the dimensions are different, so too are the ‘physical’ laws that operate on each specific plane of existence.

Let’s look at the diagram which begins from the individual ‘quasi-real’ and slowly rises.

1.      Subjective reality is the plane of existence filtered by the individual quasi-real
2.      The plane of existence is a dimensional world filtered by the senses of a species (consensual reality)
3.      A dimensional world (or parallel world) is the result of the Universe filtered by time matrices (or, alternatively by the senses of more complex entities)
4.      The Universe as a whole is the multi-verse filtered by derivative laws (or by the senses of higher entities) and the final one is the ‘REAL’ filtered by primeval laws (or by the senses of higher ‘Consciousnesses’)
5.      In the end (everywhere and always) we have the REAL, the Absolute; unmediated Being.

To sum up: the existent is not traceable in different ‘places’, but through the analysis and the differentiation of ‘filters’ and ‘vibrations’. The REAL, everything, is here. Now, at this moment.

Our physical senses serve to define the reality that surrounds us, or better still our field of possible experiences. They are calibrated in such a way as to filter our field of reality.
They are not used therefore to perceive but rather to limit perceivable reality which is then processed by our respective conscious and mental patterns.

Aldous Huxley, in his Doors of Perception offers us a very interesting view of this idea:

According to such a theory[1], each one of us is potentially Mind at Large. But in so far as we are animals, our business is at all costs to survive. To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and the nervous system. What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us stay alive on the surface of this Particular planet.

Our specific plane of existence is therefore determined by two main filters: the senses and the personal mind. However, in this historical-evolutionary moment, we find ourselves in a condition of severe handicap, which does not allow us to truly live the reality that should be our ‘province’.

Our incarnation ought to correspond to a level of reality– and therefore be structured by our vehicle of consciousness – that is much higher than that currently found on this planet, in this line of material reality.

[1] A reference to a theory of Bergson according to which ‘The function of the brain, the nervous system and the organs of the senses are principally eliminatory and not productive’.

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