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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Creation of the Material Worlds

It happened, when this our Great inversion took place, from the essence of all nothingness to finity extended in innumerable categories, that an incalculably vast system was produced. Merely by chance, chance in the truest sense of the term, we are found with gods, men, stars, planets, devils, colours, forces and all the materials of the Cosmos: and with time, space and causality, the conditions limiting and involving them all.

Aleister Crowley[1], BERASHITH - 1902

According to esoteric, kabbalistic and alchemical cosmogenesis – but in many ways, also in terms of modern physics - the material world (energy/mass) is not immediately generated as an effect of the clash between primeval forces (primeval laws), rather its creation, considered from the point of view of the human being, follows a series of passages: the process of creation happens in non-time, however, in order to understand this idea we need to make use of logical sequences in order to describe it.

Our Universe is above all a concept:

·          Manifold
·          Diversified
·          Dynamic

Concepts that are translated into a temporal, dimensional and spatial universe.
At the beginning reality is virtual and not yet translated into matter-life-perception-experience. Its existence is only potential: at the act of creation we are still in the field of inexistent Being, in the World of Ideas.
The inexistent is the field that renders true that which is existent and real, through ‘existential significance’ attributing significance to things, life, emotions and thought.

The Absolute is Nothingness and the All.
Nothingness is the All without Consciousness.
The All is Nothingness full of Consciousness.

The creation processes happen outside of creation itself, therefore outside of time. They generate a field that is already the expression of Being but ‘inexistent’. In that state the universe is inexistent because we cannot perceive it, try it out, or give it significance: to do those things we need relationship, or growth. We need time/space, that is, a filter which is able to distinguish and scan reality and the evolved interaction between diversity.

In order to do this we use the mind. The mind is strictly correlated to the phenomena of time and space: It is the instrument for scanning and fixing. Everything comes down to the mind and eventually we have to act to evade it, in order to travel in or manipulate time and space, but that is another story…

The World of Ideas – or the Macrocosmic Mind – is the chaotic and virtual container of all times and of all manifestations and possible existential directions, without any of them being defined: it is the eternal present, the ‘sphere of Time’ where everything is, but does not exist. It corresponds to the kabbalistic  Ain-Soph, the Thelemic[2] body of Nuit, which defines the universal field of the possible and keeps it unified.
Now, we can but try to make an interpretative synthesis of the various cosmogeneses, handed down to us through the images of myth and those of Western and Eastern religions.

In order for material Form to manifest a direction in time is needed, or the possibility of a relationship with multiplicity, space and perception.

In the world of ideas, or in the concept of a universe created by a vibrational wave from Absolute Consciousness, absolute nothingness (a potential but non-existent universe) enters into relationship with absolute time (the container of all ‘existent’ possibilities) emitting an infinitely creative energy, that will orient itself according to a new geometry of laws from which dimensions and existential levels will ensue: the creation.

The Egyptians assigned this role to the Creator God, who was not Ra, in as much as he was absolute Consciousness and all encompassing, but Ptah, the Demiurge God. Today modern science is investigating all of this in mathematical terms, both theoretically and experimentally.

We try to interpret these processes moment by moment, not outside but inside ourselves in relation to reality and its ‘keys of access’. Because it is inside of us, in the depths of our divine essence that all of this is continuously carried out. According to esoteric thought, it is we, who are the representative particles of this same Consciousness and Cosmic Energy: the creators of all-that-is-and-ever-will be.

According to Esoteric Physics, the process of creating worlds, galaxies and all existing things - all that will become life and evolution – passes through what we would traditionally define as the world of numbers: a space-time or ‘vibrational’ sieve. In this case we are not talking about the concept of numbers as we think of them mathematically but as numerical relationships rather than single entities. The ‘world of numbers’ is precisely a dimension in itself, the link between the world of ideas (unitary) and the potential world of the material (manifold). The world of numbers and the pattern of relationships that define the measurements of so called ‘sacred geometry’ is therefore the matrix of the manifest world. The same mechanism that geometrically identifies the material world and its objects, we find reflected in the systems that codify life and its possible evolutionary directions: DNA, is our ‘antenna’ for tuning in on reality.

Human Consciousness – which in fact is not yet ‘human’ until it has truly realized the experience of ‘humanity’ – has to conduct its evolution inside this universal scheme: it reflects itself or better still, it instils itself into the material world of Form to trigger a process of self-awareness, that contemporaneously renders every thing ‘true’ by making it ‘exist’ in absolute terms. With this in mind, it is perhaps useful to re-elaborate the modern myth of ‘ascension’: it is not we who have to ‘ascend’ to the fifth dimension or wherever (if it is, it has always been, here and now and is therefore ‘our home’) but it is the fifth dimension (it is God!) that wants to apply itself to this possible existence: and we are the vehicle! In fact: we are IT.

[1] In the course of the book I will be quoting from Aleister Crowley – just as I will refer to Theosophy, Gurdjieff,
Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Osho and many others. However, every time Crowley is mentioned there are those who are immediately scandalized. They are undoubtedly ill-prepared on the subject and have been mislead by the amount of nonsense in circulation regarding a figure who, though certainly controversial, willingly and unwillingly, is worth discovering and considering. I would like to reassure readers that despite his audacious experimentation at the height of the Victorian era; his anarchistic and provocative looks and a certain extravagance that could render him strangely unpleasant – Crowley was not the founder of Satanism, even though he was anti-clerical. And he never sacrificed or ate children. That said, I do not think that Crowley needs me to defend him and as for the rest I am not willing to take it on board. However, I do acknowledge the breadth of his work in setting out the theory and practice of a magic–realization of the Self in the light of new existential and spiritual paradigms. He was without doubt among its precursors when the Age of Aquarius or the New Era had yet to be talked about.

[2] With this adjective I am referring to the concepts and experiences that inspire the research themes and magic-mystical practice recovered and brought to life by Aleister Crowley in the early years of the last century. The Thelemic path (from Thelema, which in Greek means Will) better known as Current 93 (the number, according to the Greek Kabbalah that is associated both with the word Will and Love, thus establishing a link between the two principles), has been further developed by successive Initiate Orders which when not deviate or contaminated, form a bridge between esoteric traditions and the avant-garde of esoteric research at the dawn of this New Era. As far as I am concerned the Thelemic path has become the most ‘up to date’ body of doctrine and knowledge and the principle technical reference for those who, always maintaining the necessary caution, wish to approach Magic in its many forms.

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