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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Absolute Being and Us

Being is infinitely transcendent and immanent: it is ‘beyond’ but it is also ‘every’ thing and ‘in every’ thing at every level (universe, planet or microbe). Recognizing the All in every single part is a question of awareness since the Absolute Being is always and everywhere.

We are now living in a perceptive convention, of space, matter, the past and the future. The priority of perception in respect to the phenomenon itself leads to the perceptive nature of that said reality, thus the phenomena of physics (but also that which we call ‘memory’ and ‘history’) are only real in proportion to our ability (and willingness) to conceive of them.

It is we ourselves – each one of us – that defines the frontiers and therefore the limits of reality or the line of reality that we decide to access. It is we who decide to activate what is ‘true’ with its laws and mechanisms, its past and future!

It is we who, here, right now, moment by moment, regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not, establish the sequence in which we stand, our subjective reality of reference: the pertinent quasi-real. It is we who establish in which suggestion of reality we live, individually and therefore collectively.

Consequently we establish what is true and what is not, what has been and what will be, along with all the mechanisms of reality that we want to reveal and the laws that we want to function. We set out what can exist and what cannot, what we want to discover and what cannot be discovered; in the present or in the past.

Can we heal with our vital energy? Perhaps yes, if we decide that it is so; or absolutely not, if we do not want to open up that line of possibility. Did Atlantis exist? Perhaps it did if we want to access a certain line of reality and then we find its archaeological remains; or not: and we do not find anything. Or for someone else Atlantis still exists. The mechanism is for the most part consensual but the nearer we get to the centre of our real identity the more this process of determining the truth becomes localized and personal. Someone sees and someone else does not, someone can and someone else cannot: and both are right! And perhaps the year 2012 – give or take a year – will be a watershed for different levels of humanity and reality. But no one will notice the change, each person having constructed their own level of subjective reality.

The real does not have a structure of its own that is distorted by our mental interpretations: all of our being has to agree on the determination of ideal reality; it has to be in tune with that part of ourselves and our faculties that we are unaware of and that lie latent.

If we do not move our barycentre towards our real identity, we are subject to the reality of our mind rather than the determiners of it: the reality of the mind which, if we are unable to do anything else, invents the stage, play and characters of a drama without purpose.

It is important to bear in mind that when we observe our universe ‘from the inside’ we can interpret each phenomenon only and exclusively in relation to how much it is part of our awareness and with the means and senses at our disposal.

Reality is much richer and more eloquent than we are used to settling for, just as our nature is more expansive and expressive. Material Form and its continued transformation as we perceive it in time (cause and effect) is nothing more than the three-dimensional reflection of the fractals of a complex interaction of phenomena, energies and forces operating in an extremely vast multi-polar and multi-dimensional universe.

God savours Himself. In the act of savouring himself, He savours all creatures, not because they are creatures but because they are God. God creates this entire world absolutely in this instant.

                                                                                                                      Meister Eckhart

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