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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gods in Exile

Esoteric chronicles tell of a Golden Age and of a very complex and evolved human being: they speak of giants, of long-lived beings with bodies which are much more ethereal than ours of today. Ideally our incarnation should happen in a dimensional state between the Absolute and the material world. Instead we have fallen down into a level of reality which is a long way away from the source.

Leaving aside all the non-esoteric theories that sustain we are the result of a system of hybridization on the part of gods/cosmic aliens; on theoretical, eschatological and ontological planes, we have to admit that we have truly ‘fallen’ into the third dimension. Whether it is part of the original plan or the consequence of errors or difficulties encountered along the road matters very little. The fact is, this is the condition we are in. We live in a restricted and illusory reality that our mind is continuously redefining. A conventional reality reprocessed by our brain, totally fictitious and without purpose, springing from reduced, incomplete mental and sensorial perceptions. It is extremely restricted, manipulated and limited in respect to our status, which in some way or other or for some reason we have lost. However, it is this experience that we have been called upon to live and it is from this that we have to re-emerge.

Using a simile, we could compare our present relationship with the Real to the movement of an octopus which, with its tentacles, explores the rocks and the depths of the sea. Each tentacle is one of our ‘incarnations’ (our many lives) and as human beings we are conscious of our unity, that is, of being the octopus that towers over everything. Now, imagine that the octopus loses that awareness of itself and identifies only with one tentacle at a time (what we consider to be our present identity, seen as the incarnation we are aware of now, as our ‘life’), and that particular tentacle clinging to the rocks turns to stone: having penetrated so far into the rock it totally identifies with it. The meaning of the comparison is precisely this: we have forgotten that we are the whole octopus and above all we are ‘mineralized’ or petrified – according to alchemical jargon - in matter, in the world of materialism.

We are petrified from a mental, psychic and physical point of view because materialism, or the loss of natural sensitivity, stops us perceiving and feeling and therefore of elaborating and understanding. The monks initiated into the Hermetic Tradition, knew how to see a living consciousness in everything that exists.

Mario Balocco – La Magia nei Monasteri

Our present Consciousness only allows us a limited vision of reality, like that of a child raised by monkeys or amidst the horrors of war, but which is nevertheless seen as ‘normal’.

The ‘real fall’ therefore does not rest so much in the incarnation as in the successive loss of identity and degeneration into the material.

Our identity should already be, as it were, in Tipheret but instead we are ‘monkeys’, unfledged bipeds and confused hominids.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life we could illustrate the situation with the image shown on the next page.

Applying the terms of the Kabbalah to this hypothesis we can therefore suppose that our role as a bridge-Form, because of its nature, should already position us in Tipheret, instead however, we have ‘fallen’ through the veil of illusion (Yesod), into Malkuth, by identifying with the material world and becoming dense and corporeal. In practice mineralizing ourselves inside the material world rather than conserving our spiritual position. From here that ‘derived creation’, that surrogate of reality which is our current pseudo- existence is not dissimilar to that of Golem: a foolish automaton (as defined by Hasidic Judaism). In this scenario we should also consider the history or perhaps half-history that is related by ancient and modern esoteric chronicles. They describe the current earth-being as the result of a sort of ‘derived creation’ on the part of ultra-dimensional alien races, interested in generating or manipulating living beings in order to exploit them for their labour; farm them as psychic nourishment or else perform ‘genetic’ or bio-spiritual experiments on them[1].

Whether our fall is of a spiritual origin, which means it has always been part of the same game, or has become part of a cosmic game beyond the expectations of eventual alien or divine creators, in both cases our present condition derives from tremendous confusion about ‘who we are’ and therefore, what are or have become, the aims of our existence. This is why the first objective of any esoteric school should be to enter into contact with the true Self and reposition the barycentre of our identity in it. In Tipheret to be precise.

Evolution should imply above all the re-appropriation of our original nature, a recovery from handicap and a return to what we are (teshuvĂ ), so that we can finally evolve ourselves and reality to not only a level of major awareness but also of greater energy and psycho-physical power.
Instead, Man behaves like a diver who has fainted in his diving suit, one that is decidedly rusty and in a bad way with several portholes (senses) closed or out of focus, casually wandering around in a clumsy way, swayed by the currents of a reality that he has lost consciousness of and no longer controls.

Today, the rather inflated concept of enlightenment has to separate itself from the purely mental, ethereal and spiritual definition of the idea – which is just as abstract as the Western mind – and recover the original meaning of metamorphosis and transfiguration, or transubstantiation, above all in its material sense. It is most of all a physical process: an ontological mutation of the human Form. In the end it is not the soul that has to be conquered but the body. It is not the Absolute that we have to understand but this reality.

I definitely agree with Thomas Moore who insisted on saying that if spiritual masters and the community were to seriously consider this point, spirituality would lose its sentimental idealism and appeal to intelligent people... Nobody imagines that spirituality is the way to become an ordinary person, one who confronts banal problems and consequently lives an ordinary life. Many people attracted by the spirit find it difficult to be simple human beings, and renounce practical intelligence in the name of idealistic visions. This ‘inflated’ behaviour can take over people and daze them.

In order to do this, first of all we have to recalibrate all our sensorial and mental filters: we live in a reality deformed by flawed lenses. Although it is here (and from here) that we have to process reality, without making a fuss about being gods again and wanting to perform miracles: in the end we have come here to conquest this ‘reality’.

The ‘work’ that needs to be done is primarily on ourselves: on the lenses of our consciousness and our psycho-bio-physical vehicle. To achieve what does not need theoretical reasoning, ideas and mentalism as its reference, nor the fashions of the New Age. We need instead to practice observation, attention, and consciously relate to life, events, people and things without worrying too much about notions of enlightenment.

We have to start with ourselves: it is from here, from this material and mental molasses that all real evolution blooms. The Angels, the Masters and the Gods need us much more than we will ever need them!

[1] Theses which I take note, of but which I personally do not feel it is necessary to take a position on.