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Monday, August 20, 2012

Behind the ‘Scenes’: Entities and Aliens

The Spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain.
                                                                             Aleister Crowley

We conventionally call ‘psycho-creatures’ all those intelligences that, following a certain esoteric terminology, distinguish themselves as:

·          Divinities
·          Egregors
·          Guardians, angels and angelicity
·          Demons
·          Energized thought forms and subtle creatures (or extra-dimensional beings that manifest in
   the same manner)
·          Disincarnate presences and helpers
·          Planetary spirits, elementals and those of nature
·          Larvae and ‘shells’ or phantoms.

All these entities make up a complex multi-dimensional and spiritual ecosystem, as well as the energy food chain in which we are immersed and participate regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

In general terms we can say that each one of these:

·         Originates from a human aspect or from a personal a/o collective human projection
·         Represents more or less active and intelligent ‘information’
·         Superimposes itself or presides over an energetic/physical field, influencing its dynamics at various levels
·         Nourishes itself on vital a/o psychic a/o spiritual energy
·         Can enter into communication with the human being for different reasons and in different ways
·         Its manifestation can determine itself or be determined with great holographic versatility, influenced by the thought and suggestions that are applied to it.

Every psycho-creature contains and manages forces of a lower level, directing events in order to safeguard the territory from which it receives the energetic nourishment used for its own maintenance and development. The most complex entities ‘know’ how to cultivate their own resources by creating a suitable spiritual and subtle habitat, more or less in symbiosis with the human being and its evolution. The entities of a lower level often create a parasitic relationship with the energies or Form with which they enter into contact.

The human being is part of this spiritual eco-system and, as a bridge-Form, should be its evolved interpreter in relation to the material world.

If we are living in an eco-system, it is normal that beings from many other dimensions enter into contact with us or even make ‘use’ of us. According to esoteric tradition, extra a/o multi-dimensional Forms exist and continuously interact with us even though we do not realize it.

Perhaps in a previous phase of evolutionary human immaturity these entities – of different orders and degree – might have eventually constituted a scale of values towards the Real and Consciousness. Today, however, the psychic, astral, subtle or divine planes, as we often call them, are populated by entities that have absolved themselves of their function and now cloud and distance the human being from his essence and the reality of things, be they devils, spirits, angels or ‘God’.

The time is right. We need to proceed with a change in consciousness, to purify, liberate and acknowledge that which lies in each one of us: our most profound Essence.

Incidentally, from this point of view ufological phenomenon and contactism can be considered part of a much wider scenario of the esoteric sciences or of those disciplines that study the link between our inner and outer worlds. There is no real demarcation between our consciousness and the object perceived by it. In the evaluation of UFO phenomena, extraterrestrials and aliens, and certainly before we push ourselves to classify races and draw conclusions as to their ‘agendas’, we have to establish if these entities are connected to ‘alternative realities’.

The ufologist and classic contactee do not usually concern themselves with this.
Even less so the abductee[1], with good reason, if acting on good faith with interpretations of phenomena (because here we are only talking about interpretations) that insist on terrifying scenarios. They exclude – perhaps because they do not know – keys to reading that take into account vaster perspectives. For example the disciplines of trans-humanistic psychology, esoteric physics, the anthropology of the sacred and in the final analysis, reality and consciousness.

The UFO phenomenon seems to interact with the collective psyche and if the collective psyche ‘takes on’ certain forms, it might well take on those forms that make themselves available. If at a collective level we were to modify such a paradigm, we could verify if such phenomena assume different connotations just as physics theorizes on how phenomena behave according to the conditions of observation.

UFOs – the genuine manifestations – appear when they find the right psychic contents that will give shape to them, including solid form.
I know that it seems simplistic to reduce them to manifestations of consciousness but in the current context it helps if we consider other mechanisms from a higher level of observation.

For now, though, let’s limit ourselves and begin with the idea that we are talking about a Form which is given energy that is part of an aspect of reality we have yet to discover.

The UFO phenomena represents a window on the beyond and also encourages us to investigate just how much is alien inside of us or at least to recognize how tightly we are bound to what we have been taught to believe the world is all about.

Adopting a dualistic scheme (good-evil), reality assumes those self-same connotations. The forces of evil perceived as real and hostile and perhaps also materialized through UFO phenomena, could in reality be entities generated and nourished by us. They could be an effect of human behaviour that has lasted for millennia and not the historical cause of our status[2].

The awakening has to begin from inside of us. It is we who lend ourselves to games of illusion, deceit and pillage. There are many political, social, religious and cultural realities that tend to perpetuate what is a mechanism of energetic ‘vampirism’. This is certainly one of the causes of Evil and it has been generated by Mankind itself. Continuing to perceive reality in terms of a good-evil dualism results in modifying the structure of what is real. We are capable of creating all the hells and paradises that we want. If we leave behind the idea of sin, the devil, the messiah and the enemy or the sheep-shepherd-wolf paradigm and the need to be continually reassured and saved (concepts of the Judaic-Christian matrix that have distorted the values of the New Age itself), the phenomenon would probably change

A metaphysical hypothesis with regard to the UFO phenomenon has already been explored by Carl G. Jung. In fact the pioneer of psychology often concerned himself with the UFO phenomenon in his writings and in particular in his celebrated essay A Modern Myth: the things that one sees in the sky, interpreting them as unconscious psychic representations linked to collectively relevant events.
After Jung, the scientist Jacques VallĂ©e, who worked as an astronomer and collaborator with NASA in the 1970’s took up the theme again but was fiercely opposed by the international ufological community. Its researchers were relentless in their desire to give the phenomenon – be it physical or psychic – a connotation of an interference that is somewhat ‘other’ in respect to our reality, preferring to place it on the physical rather than para-physical plane.

Nevertheless, in that same period, psychedelic experiences – the main interest of neuro-physicians, anthropologists, botanists and a plethora of ‘flower children’ (the roles often coincided!) - later brought to the attention of a wider public by Carlos Casteneda[3], seem to give serious credit to a far from simple interpretation of the question.

We should also not exclude the effect on reality a/o the psyche provoked by experiments with time and holographic technology, whether they be of this world or another.

Terence McKenna, in True Hallucinations, affirms with great optimism that: «… The UFO is a reflection of a future event that promises humanity’s eventual  mastery over time, space and matter.[…] I am even more convinced that the answer to all of these mysteries that shake our classic view of the world is to be understood by looking inside ourselves.[…] The paths of the heart lead to nearby universes, full of life and benevolent feelings towards humanity. »

I feel it is important not to underestimate the para-physical (and esoteric[4]) interpretation of a phenomenon, that is certainly and undeniably becoming more ‘frequent’, in the search for the key to its manifestation.

The universe is a product of our consciousness and a projection of our senses: we are at one with the Absolute which, for some reason, presents itself in the form of different frequencies of energy and consciousness. They relate to one another and create, in our case, the image that constitutes our plane of existence and which appears to be three-dimensional and oriented in uni-directional time.

According to some, we (and our lives) are Maya, illusion, as portrayed in the film ‘Matrix’; according to others however, doubt cannot be cast upon our existence or at least our form of existence, which is significant in itself.

Reality could be positioned somewhere in between: we find ourselves in an illusion (and it is always good to remember that) which is nevertheless our reality (so we cannot possibly deny it).

All things considered it is better to not be hasty in drawing conclusions about the UFO phenomenon and the nature of ‘alien’ interference or even pretend to have definitively understood its nature or intentions (or ‘agenda’). The origin of such interference is not yet clear and definitive, just as the nature of the reality that we define as ‘physical’ and ‘material’ is not yet clear, especially when related to the dynamics of our psyche. And as William Shakespeare so aptly says in Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

We ourselves can be said to exist on a certain plane of existence, which is manifested and projected through dynamics that are not yet completely decoded. This ‘existing’ is nevertheless confined inside rather limited parameters and our current existence will in all probability result as being fictitious when compared in a broader sense.

Those wider parameters could relate to our nature which is likewise much more expansive than we realize and what is currently considered as supernatural or alien could, on another level, be the natural expression of reality and ourselves.

Our existence is played out in a sensorial circuit that we need to control and decrypt in order to give reality a chrism of truthfulness despite the fact that our senses are vibrating and testing that reality on the same frequencies. Although our senses give us the sensation of reality in all its physicality, it is only equivalent to its existential ‘plane’.

We are living at a historical moment in which culture and values are being re-examined and the same esoteric dimensions are being mixed together to reformulate a concept of reality: in this sense we are perhaps on the threshold of great changes.

We will go into the themes inherent in parallel worlds and the ‘separation of the planes’ in Appendix II. It is increasingly obvious that the certainties of our global village which have been consolidated up to now, be they material or spiritual, are disintegrating and re-organizing according to potential schemes that could take off in many different directions[5].

To describe their form I scatter rhymes no more,
 reader, for other expense binds me
so, that in this I cannot be lavish.
But read Ezekiel, for he depicts them
as he saw them come from the cold quarter
with wind, with cloud, with fire;

Dante Alighieri - Purgatorio Canto XXIX, 97-102

[1] ‘Abductions’ (or close encounters of the fourth kind, according to the classification of the astrophysicist Allen
Hynek), the presumed kidnappings of human beings by alien entities, represent one of the most interesting and controversial aspects of the ufological phenomena. The problem was brought to the attention of researchers at the beginning of the 1960’s when the American academic John Fuller published a book The Interrupted Journey on the now famous experience of the married couple Barney and Betty Hill. They were placed under regressive hypnosis by the noted Boston psychiatrist Benjamin Simon and re-evoked a kidnapping episode on the part of small humanoids who, having led them on board a flying saucer, subjected them to a series of medical examinations.
[2] We should perhaps ask ourselves if abduction phenomena (with their many testimonials, memories emerging under hypnosis and implants) are not in their turn a deceptive cover up – or the opportunity seized and exploited to a fine art to conceal experimentation and military strategies which are tragically terrestrial!
[3] See also the accounts of Terence McKenna and the more recent studies of Luis Eduardo Luna and Graham Hancock regarding the psycho-active properties of psilocybin and DMT (dimetyltryptamine) in relation to phenomena of consciousness. I would also like to mention an interesting observation regarding this by William Braden (the father of Gregg) who, talking about the ‘drug problem’, in his book ‘The Private Sea: LSD and the Search for God’ (1967) writes: ‘The real danger of acid is not that it will damage the brain, or that it will cause young people to drop out of society. We already live with drugs such as alcohol which produce effects like that. No, the real danger of acid is that some of its users claim that LSD puts them in contact with the illusory nature of the material world. The real danger of acid is that some freak will journey to the centre of things, discover the movie projector that is producing this illusion, and turn it off!’
[4]   Actually Crowley was amongst the first to experiment with peyote (which he took from Mexico to London) for magic purposes at the beginning of the last century!
[5] The position of the renowned academic and populariser Igor Sibaldi is also significant as regards this point – he talks about the nature of the Angel and Spirit Guides as ‘higher’ aspects of our own nature and of our trans-human psyche, individually and collectively. This perspective obliges us to re-examine the concept and practice of mediums (contactism or channelling if you want to call it that) and consider such phenomena as an instrument of transpersonal introspection. I will also take this opportunity to quote the following observation from Sibaldi: “The goal to aim for is a new dimension of existence in which each person dreams to set foot and finally be themselves, no longer prisoners of rigid, dangerous everyday schemes, no longer at the mercy of absurd prejudices and arid ways of thinking that stop them from being happy”.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Threshold or the Beyond

The extension of the self towards Awareness passes through an intermediate dimension between material Form and the Real that we can define as the ‘Threshold’, the Beyond or if we prefer the ‘Other Side’. When we dream or travel on the astral planes or carry out explorations on the frontier, as in ‘between one life and another’, we find ourselves in this Half-way World. Just as entry into the material world of Form passes through the world of numbers, the way out passes through the Threshold: in the first case realty fragments, in the second it reassembles.

We can imagine the Threshold as:

·          Beyond our material world
·          As an interregnum between parallel worlds
·          Between the universe of Form and the Real.

We are talking about a hyperspace in which disincarnate souls arrive and withdraw: it is not ‘somewhere else’ but rather the extended projection of a growing being.

Our incarnate physical body is therefore only a dimensional fraction of the greater reality that constitutes the complex soul/body.

Following the logic of reincarnation, we can say that the Threshold hosts the passage of those packets of experiences known as Souls which, by means of one incarnation after another ideally complete themselves.

The sequence is usually thought of as: The Material World -The Other Side – The Absolute, or as Form-Threshold-Real. 

Nevertheless everything is also reflected inside each and every thing: so let’s not limit ourselves to the representation of transcendent directions, but complete it with that of the - perhaps more significant - immanent.

The Real is therefore that which is beyond but also inside.

Take a look at these illustrations of levels of reality – created at different times using different logic and a diagram taken from the book No Boundary by Ken Wilber that I warmly recommend you to read.

My diagram represents reality ‘from high to low’; however the two extremes touch each other, without solutions of continuity. The most reduced level of reality is relative or individual (quasi-real), it is the point of departure on the scale of significance that continuously extending, leads to the Absolute. A reality in which through every single thing – on the various scales of interaction/perception/consciousness – one rediscovers the All.

We have to remember that the All is not ‘somewhere else’ in respect to where we find ourselves. Everything is Here and Now. It is necessary to acquire a new level of Consciousness to recognize and participate in the All through every idea and  thing no matter how small or simple.

This diagram illustrates the development of reality according to three fundamental references: Being as the Subject, the Real as environment (object) and Consciousness intended as perception, knowledge and awareness applied to the various levels of possible reality. It is important to note that the distinction between Being, Real and Consciousness assumes a formal and non-substantial role.

                                                                                (Courtesy of Ken Wilber – No Boundary)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Absolute Being and Us

Being is infinitely transcendent and immanent: it is ‘beyond’ but it is also ‘every’ thing and ‘in every’ thing at every level (universe, planet or microbe). Recognizing the All in every single part is a question of awareness since the Absolute Being is always and everywhere.

We are now living in a perceptive convention, of space, matter, the past and the future. The priority of perception in respect to the phenomenon itself leads to the perceptive nature of that said reality, thus the phenomena of physics (but also that which we call ‘memory’ and ‘history’) are only real in proportion to our ability (and willingness) to conceive of them.

It is we ourselves – each one of us – that defines the frontiers and therefore the limits of reality or the line of reality that we decide to access. It is we who decide to activate what is ‘true’ with its laws and mechanisms, its past and future!

It is we who, here, right now, moment by moment, regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not, establish the sequence in which we stand, our subjective reality of reference: the pertinent quasi-real. It is we who establish in which suggestion of reality we live, individually and therefore collectively.

Consequently we establish what is true and what is not, what has been and what will be, along with all the mechanisms of reality that we want to reveal and the laws that we want to function. We set out what can exist and what cannot, what we want to discover and what cannot be discovered; in the present or in the past.

Can we heal with our vital energy? Perhaps yes, if we decide that it is so; or absolutely not, if we do not want to open up that line of possibility. Did Atlantis exist? Perhaps it did if we want to access a certain line of reality and then we find its archaeological remains; or not: and we do not find anything. Or for someone else Atlantis still exists. The mechanism is for the most part consensual but the nearer we get to the centre of our real identity the more this process of determining the truth becomes localized and personal. Someone sees and someone else does not, someone can and someone else cannot: and both are right! And perhaps the year 2012 – give or take a year – will be a watershed for different levels of humanity and reality. But no one will notice the change, each person having constructed their own level of subjective reality.

The real does not have a structure of its own that is distorted by our mental interpretations: all of our being has to agree on the determination of ideal reality; it has to be in tune with that part of ourselves and our faculties that we are unaware of and that lie latent.

If we do not move our barycentre towards our real identity, we are subject to the reality of our mind rather than the determiners of it: the reality of the mind which, if we are unable to do anything else, invents the stage, play and characters of a drama without purpose.

It is important to bear in mind that when we observe our universe ‘from the inside’ we can interpret each phenomenon only and exclusively in relation to how much it is part of our awareness and with the means and senses at our disposal.

Reality is much richer and more eloquent than we are used to settling for, just as our nature is more expansive and expressive. Material Form and its continued transformation as we perceive it in time (cause and effect) is nothing more than the three-dimensional reflection of the fractals of a complex interaction of phenomena, energies and forces operating in an extremely vast multi-polar and multi-dimensional universe.

God savours Himself. In the act of savouring himself, He savours all creatures, not because they are creatures but because they are God. God creates this entire world absolutely in this instant.

                                                                                                                      Meister Eckhart

Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Reality

‘Our world’ is a dimension which exists inside our current plane of existence but which belongs to a much wider possibility of lines of reality that are nevertheless part of the same ‘dimension’.

Our plane of existence appears solid and three-dimensional because we perceive things are solid to the touch and that time has a certain speed, which we measure in proportion to our perception of celestial dynamics.
These parameters determine the world of space-time-mass-energy that physics, astronomy, chemistry, the natural sciences and mathematics wish to interpret and exploit.

Inside a plane of reality or the reality that is commonly accepted as such, every individual develops their own personal dimension. Opinions and subjective meanings make up the individual ‘quasi-real’ (almost real), as defined by Theosophy.

The investigation of subjective dimensions is the concern of the human sciences, of psychology, sociology, and the arts and it is there, that mental and emotional dynamics, more than the perceptions of the senses, determine what is real.

Each one of us, beginning from our own quasi-real and our capacity to give significance to things can construct a bridge which reunites human experience to the All.

Let’s look at it in more depth and examine what lies ‘beyond’ our subjective representation of reality and beyond the conventional plane of our material, human and earthly existence. 

Beyond the veil of the quasi-real and the consensual suggestion that delineates the borders of our plane of existence (or our physical three-dimensional reality), we find a more complex ‘supporting structure’ that constitutes a much broader dimensional reality.

This wider level of reality or rather the combination of the band of frequencies in which our specific frequency is to be found, constitutes our dimension (our plane of existence), along with other possible frequencies or lines of reality that are dimensionally compatible with one another.
This dimension is our ‘world’, one of the numerous possible parallel worlds to be found among numerous dimensions and bands of possible frequencies.

The universe of material Form as a whole consists of our world united to many other worlds-dimensions, defined as ‘parallel worlds’. They are also described as such in the models of the universe explored by mathematics and physics.
The multi-world theory is not new; the first to introduce it was Hugh Everett in 1957. There are worlds, multiple worlds in our universe and each one develops on the basis of the dynamics derived from primeval energies and forces. For this reason we define and codify them as derivative laws. I use the term ‘laws’ even though it would be more appropriate to call them ‘phenomena’: the world is not made of ‘laws’ but of phenomena and we tend to codify them on the basis of our ability to interpret reality.

These same derivative laws, that we can imagine ruling our universe, become something even more specific at a dimensional level: In every world-dimension the fundamental laws correspond to a specific version of themselves and then by specializing on each plane of reality they become the ‘physical laws’ that we know of as gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear forces etc.

We can see that as we slowly descend into the material world the same dynamics are repeated but on different levels and scales. It begins with the primeval laws at the level of the ‘multi-verses’; from there universal functions (derivative laws), are generated that function inside every specific universe. In the possible dimensions of our universe the derivative laws apply themselves to time, or better in time, seen as a flow from the past to the future and are known as ‘time’ (or temporal) matrices. 

These matrices, which are different in every dimension, finally become the physical laws of each plane of existence, or the reality that is perceived at our current psycho-biological level.
The sequence is therefore as follows:

The ‘parallel worlds’ – just as all possible states of being – are not ‘from somewhere else’ but, vibrating on different frequencies, they are all contemporary and interpenetrate.

In every temporally oriented world the derivative laws combine in a different way. Just as the respective time matrixes that operate on the dimensions are different, so too are the ‘physical’ laws that operate on each specific plane of existence.

Let’s look at the diagram which begins from the individual ‘quasi-real’ and slowly rises.

1.      Subjective reality is the plane of existence filtered by the individual quasi-real
2.      The plane of existence is a dimensional world filtered by the senses of a species (consensual reality)
3.      A dimensional world (or parallel world) is the result of the Universe filtered by time matrices (or, alternatively by the senses of more complex entities)
4.      The Universe as a whole is the multi-verse filtered by derivative laws (or by the senses of higher entities) and the final one is the ‘REAL’ filtered by primeval laws (or by the senses of higher ‘Consciousnesses’)
5.      In the end (everywhere and always) we have the REAL, the Absolute; unmediated Being.

To sum up: the existent is not traceable in different ‘places’, but through the analysis and the differentiation of ‘filters’ and ‘vibrations’. The REAL, everything, is here. Now, at this moment.

Our physical senses serve to define the reality that surrounds us, or better still our field of possible experiences. They are calibrated in such a way as to filter our field of reality.
They are not used therefore to perceive but rather to limit perceivable reality which is then processed by our respective conscious and mental patterns.

Aldous Huxley, in his Doors of Perception offers us a very interesting view of this idea:

According to such a theory[1], each one of us is potentially Mind at Large. But in so far as we are animals, our business is at all costs to survive. To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and the nervous system. What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us stay alive on the surface of this Particular planet.

Our specific plane of existence is therefore determined by two main filters: the senses and the personal mind. However, in this historical-evolutionary moment, we find ourselves in a condition of severe handicap, which does not allow us to truly live the reality that should be our ‘province’.

Our incarnation ought to correspond to a level of reality– and therefore be structured by our vehicle of consciousness – that is much higher than that currently found on this planet, in this line of material reality.

[1] A reference to a theory of Bergson according to which ‘The function of the brain, the nervous system and the organs of the senses are principally eliminatory and not productive’.