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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Subtle Energies and Electromagnetic Prisons

The universe of Form manifests according to precise patterns: from ideas to archetypes, from archetypes to numbers and from numbers to dimensions and material phenomena.

Material Form and events represent the multi-dimensional manifestation of a holographic universe whose fundamental geometries are recognizable in the infinitely small just as they are in the infinitely large.
Through these recurring geometries every expression of the universe is by correspondence, united to all others, regardless of dimension, temporal and spatial distance.

The aura is not only that bio-radiant body that can be verified through the use of the Kirlian Camera, but something much more complex and subtle, that can be seen by employing a higher level of sensitivity.

Our physical body, in turn constituted from its more external parts (subtle and soft) to its bone structure, is the central massing of a system of subtle bodies in movement. As if it were interpenetrating crystals mounted on a pivot and made to rotate. In the same way our subtle geometries rotate around the body following directional flows, speeds and different rhythms, generating a particular ‘optical’ effect that is typical of a spinning top: a halo in the shape of an egg.

This is the aura that clairvoyants perceive by translating the results of their perception into colours (into the sense of vision) which, in fact leads to other senses which do not translate into ocular vision as such.

All subtle structures are profoundly linked to our mind and to the functions of our body. They have been classified differently according to the perspectives and needs of individual schools of thought. The model most frequently referred to is that of Theosophy, of which an infinite number of re-elaborations have been made.

Theosophy (think of the specific treatises of Arthur E. Powel) – elaborating on the Hindu tradition but also that of neoplatonic-Hermeticism – describes a series of ‘bodies’ or ‘vehicles’ of consciousness that interpenetrate and envelop the physical body. In each one dwells the divine principle, at different levels of self-awareness and which nevertheless expands beyond them. 

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The Etheric body (bio-magnetic)

The first of the subtle bodies that lies outside the physical body is its ‘etheric field’. It is the home of the vital force that sustains the life of the physical body and acts as a matrix for its metabolic functions. It is on this that different kinds of bio-energetic therapies intervene. It is the halo that can be seen with the Kirlian Camera.

The Astral Body

The ‘astral body’ is a sort of mental or psychic (sometimes defined as the inferior mental body), it is this that we refer to when we talk about ‘Out of Body Experiences’ (OBE) or ‘astral travel’. The personalities of the soul’s structure are for the most part connected to this body.  The word astral is used in a traditional sense to codify our behaviour and the nature of our personalities through astrology. When the aspects of a lower and more materialistic nature of the human personality are referred to, the astral body is defined as the ‘body of desire’, home to instincts and drives often judged as ‘lower’, not because they are typical of animals but because they often lead to emotivity and egoistic needs.

The Mental Body

This is the body of thoughts and the intellect. After death, it is the survivor of the ego, the central individuality that has evolved best during physical life: it is the personality in formation that identifies the individual in his/her most evolved and integrated aspect, the basis of that everlasting identity that we will later define as ‘intelligent spirit’.

The Mental or Causal Superior Body

This is the body of higher spiritual inspiration which corresponds to the crown chakra. It is the ‘spirit’: the part in each one of us that leads back to the All, or to the Absolute Being in its totality. It is also our centre of consciousness: The divine identity that we are but which is reawakened through the human experience in the material world of Form.

Each of these subtle bodies corresponds to a particular plane or world of existence. For the ‘astral body’ there is the ‘astral plane’, just as for the ‘mental body’ there is the ‘mental plane’ and so on.

Shown below an interesting image found on various web sites which illustrates the idea that what we consider to be ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of us is really a mirror image.

The subtle bodies are generated and nourished by our system of beliefs and our convictions about ourselves and life. They are therefore in line with our mental dynamics which, from a certain point of view, generally correspond to the characteristics of the electromagnetic field of our materialness. They are however, more specifically linked to planetary ‘electromagnetism’, which is currently being subjected to manipulation through advanced instruments of global control.

We are sensitive to and conditioned by streams of thought, by fluctuations in the density of time-space and magnetism. If something should disturb the Earth’s magnetic equilibrium in 2012 it will without doubt have repercussions on our perceptive-existential system and, even though for some it might be an apocalypse, for others it will be an opportunity to benefit from a moment of vulnerability in the ‘matrix’ and liberate themselves from the deception of the mind and this pseudo-reality.

We have been so conditioned by a fear of the void and death that we cling on to the illusions that have been instilled into us, even to perceptions about what it means to exist: if we think, we exist, if we have ideas and projects and a recognized role. Otherwise we do not. This is a terrible form of blackmail.

This is because we only identify our state of existence with a sensorial perception of the physical world, without knowing – or even intuiting – that by doing so we distance ourselves even more from true being and real happiness.

Humanity is at a crossroads: we either find the core of our identity and therefore a profound sense of life and reality or we degenerate into the irreversible madness of self-destruction and inevitable narcosis: intimately controlled by the structure of an ordered and conformist society, robotic and hypnotized by the latest and increasingly banal syncretic forms of a new hypocritical religion of well-being and universal goodness. If such a destiny fulfils itself, the dissolution of Mankind and its society will quickly follow. The Universe, by means of its laws, will then re-establish the equilibriums that have been contaminated by Mankind which are necessary for life and evolution.

That new equilibrium is on the horizon and if we do not want to be swept away by history, we need to shake off the apathy and torpor that originates from being dependent on a hyper-dynamic and hyper-productive state of reality that is increasingly disconnected and inconsistent.

The Light Body

Today one hears talk of faculties and ‘bodies’ that are reawakened, enlightened and brought into consciousness, or built through particular meditation techniques in order to access the spiritual possibilities that the New Era will open up to the human population of Earth. It is a term that is often used but ‘Light Body’ is certainly not a new term to esoteric tradition.

Traditionally – in Western magic practices – the Light Body corresponds to the conscious body that is used by the ‘magician’ to travel between the dimensions of time and space and, beyond such dimensions into the ‘astral’ worlds to reach the higher planes of Self-Awareness and Absolute Being. It is a kind of ‘astral body’ but much more evolved and sublime as a concept.

Today we talk of the Light Body instead of referring to our being in a state of complete awareness, in all its physical, subtle and spiritual constituents. In fact, according to the most commonly accepted concept of ascension, it is our physical transubstantiated body at a superior level of existence and awareness, that will effectively permit access to a more authentic and more ‘luminous’ level of reality that is more real and less obscured by the psycho-physical illusions in which we are now ensnared.

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