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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Esoteric Physics and Modern Physics

In contemporary Physics strings[1] are infinitesimal particles of matter. Scientific research, with the use of increasingly powerful accelerators, has obtained an immense quantity of data on the constitution of matter. String Theory proposes that all particles emerge from different types of interaction between strings and are held in four constituent families of matter. However, in contracting, stable or infinitely expanding models of the universe, the quantity of matter necessary to justify its existence does not meet with experimental observation. The missing part, defined as ‘dark matter’ still awaits the right theoretical setting, which may or may not result as definable. Therefore it will not necessarily be rational research that justifies the nature of existence and or its reasons for being. We can also assume the burden of such research and claim the right to adopt a different approach to its problems; alternative methods can be just as dignified as classic ones if conducted with common sense and enthusiasm.

In its current state it would seem that less than 5% of the universe comprises normal particles, protons and neutrons leaving the rest of the universe made up of, as yet, unrevealed constituents. Looking at it in extreme synthesis, we can say the theory of ‘dark matter’ states, of all the matter-energy in play in the cosmos only 4-5% is visible: the galaxies, planets, we ourselves, and the light and heat of the stars. More or less 23% is formed from dark matter and the remaining 73% by dark energy. The parallel between an awareness of reality and an awareness of ourselves becomes clearly evident. It is said that we use only 5% of our brains, 5% of our DNA (scientists are asking themselves what the rest is for, or even if it is ‘waste’!) and we are only conscious of ourselves 5% of the time and, that is on a good day. It is natural that in such conditions, we only perceive 5% of reality: all the rest is ‘dark’.

Paradoxically, however, it is We (that is our constantly active and operating consciousness) who create reality. All of it.
Always and entirely with the totality of ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not.
A precise correspondence exists between the awareness of what we are and the perception of the reality that surrounds us, given that the latter is nothing more than an extension of ourselves!  English novelist Henry M. Tomlinson said that: “We see things not as they are but as we are ourselves”. This is what we do on our plane of existence, at the level of our current consciousness, which is limited, vulnerable and programmable. Therefore the un-conscious with all its hopes and fears is nothing more than the unsuspected extension of ourselves in the ‘Great Beyond’, with all its angels, demons entities and monsters: it is nothing more than our own dark matter, with all its aliens and mysteries! And for those who are interested in global control and manipulation, the unconscious must always remain in a limited state; otherwise we would reawaken to the infinite consciousness of which we are all the expression and fulfilment!

This is why – in as much as we are human beings – we are so important, so unique: because it is within our power to create reality, any kind of reality. So important in fact that, those who are signalled out by the various esoteric cultures as our jailers (subtle, dimensional, alien etc...), actually have great need of us because the power to forge reality was only given to us humans, though at a higher level of awareness than our current one.

Therefore all ‘they’ have to do is encourage us to create the most suitable reality for them. It is made strong through of our lack of conscious awareness and they nourish themselves on it, prospering from the reality that we have created. We are totally brainwashed by their systems of persuasion, which slowly assign us the role of dominator on the one hand and dominated on the other.

The concepts of parallel worlds, echo-worlds and ultra light, contemporary and interpenetrating planes of existence have always been part of ancient cosmogonist traditions and likewise the complex conception of the human being and its soul.

Some recent considerations by modern astrophysicists, on the problem of the missing mass (in which the effects of gravitation are revealed), lead us to consider the possibility of interference from hypothetical, parallel or hyper-compressed worlds, which perhaps in turn constitute a multi-dimensional super-world: This is the Real as seen by physicists. Contrary to prevailing theories of physics our kind of metaphysics privileges a coherent and undulatory vision of reality that is not at all indeterministic.

In the infinitely small – just as at all scales – the mechanism of creation and universal evolution renews itself. It is well known that matter consists of more void than content and according to esoteric thought, in every atom, in every quark and even in the tiniest particle of matter that we might care to consider, it renews itself continuously, instant by instant, on all planes from inside the dynamics of the void, energy and creation.

Every object, whether it be living or inanimate, infinitesimal or gigantic, elementary or complex, has its own material parts, energy, subtle bodies, soul and spiritual essence at a level of self-awareness in proportion to its biological and existential complexity.

Inside the material world the clash between the void and time is renewed, the fundamental laws are modulated on various scales and, just as the macrocosm is sensitive to the ‘Mind of God’, in its smallness, every object is sensitive to the mind of the inner god in each one of us when opportunely conscious and operative.

The power of the mind lies in the power of creation and the transformation of the universal hologram at different levels, from illusion (the power of Maya, as the Hindus call it) to the intrinsic reality of all things. Transformations are achieved when we ourselves apply our reawakened consciousness to reality and know how to lead it back to the Absolute Being, to the One, to the Real.

The Mind, or better still the use of real Thought, creates and determines everything moment by moment. It creates and determines the One and each and every single part in simultaneous harmony. That Mind, that Power, permeates all things: it is everywhere, it operates everywhere. We, you and I, each one of us is a channel for this power which creates everything.

Rol, the famous Italian psychic, maintained that he was able to enter into contact with the ‘intelligent spirit of each and every thing and to have therefore discovered the true secret of the Universe, in virtue of his reawakened spirit, by overcoming the barrier of physical laws. This was basically the secret of his power over the material world.

Just as the derivative laws are consolidated around the primordial essence (the peak) and in order to climb, mass on successive levels of reality (time matrices, natural laws etc.), our identities (divine, mental, astral, biological etc.) collect around our inner spiritual essence, similar to the constellations of the zodiac – not by chance adopted by the ancients to reflect our characters – around a central Sun.

From the real to the transcendent, from God, who creates and transforms the infinite, to you who are creating and browsing this site, the same mechanism is expressed. The same power.

[1] In physics, ‘String Theory’ is currently under development and aims to reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity and seems to have all the necessary characteristics for becoming a ‘Theory of Everything’. It is founded on the principle in which matter, energy and under certain hypotheses, space and time are manifestations of physical entities below which, according to the number of dimensions they develop in, they are called ‘Strings’.

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