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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Subtle Bodies and Energy Flows

Man is capable of being and using anything which he perceives, for everything that he perceives is in a certain sense a part of his being. He may thus subjugate the whole Universe of which he is conscious to his own individual Will.
Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one’s conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action.

Aleister Crowley - Magick in Theory and Practice

Just as our planetary system is reached by cosmic currents through the Synchronic and Telluric Lines (leylines) and is sensitive to morphogenetic fields, our body is also traversed by as many currents and lines of energy.

To be precise we are considering a series of traditions and perceptions, of a sensitivity which does not form part of Western materialism, which have been reported in esoteric accounts and spiritualistic visions of human reality. It would be incongruous to reduce such concepts to the terrain of today’s accepted science: it is not possible and perhaps it is not pertinent. Such concepts cannot be approached with the logic and instruments of our so called ‘orthodox’ modern science. We can however, perceive them at a personal and subjective level or find them described in accounts and traditions which are considered primitive and superstitious and are perhaps undervalued.

We are in fact talking about the cultural heritage of humanity which deserves our respect and should not be hastily cast aside on the basis of current scientific dictates.

In Eastern tradition, in particular  that of India, the chakra represent the principal meeting points of all our energy flows, or more exactly of the massive network of information and energy that courses through us. They are the points of convergence and connection between all our different natures: psycho-physical, soul (emotive, mental, emotional), spiritual and divine. Our endocrine system is associated to them, our physical apparatus and organs and all aspects of our way of being and living.

Every chakra is the engine, filter and valve, of the system of subtle energy flows found inside and outside of the body.

Bearing this in mind we can make a distinction between:

·          Meridians and linear chains
·          Microlines
·          Lines of force
·          Temporal flows
·          Subtle geometries

Just as our reality – and the Form that is part of it – can be, in the final analysis, reduced to three fundamental states of being (physical-subtle-spiritual), in the same way the human being can be considered as the point of convergence of three fundamental natures:

1.       The physical body
2.       The soul, seen as a structure made up of different   experiences and individual personalities and from another point of view, perceivable as a complex of
thoughts/sensations/experiences described in the form of bodies and subtle geometries
3.     The spirit, the profound aspect present in all things which leads back to the All. In the case of a bio-psycho-spiritual complex (bridge-Form) such as ours, the spirit is the gateway and transmitter of the divine spark, understood as a superior active identity capable of self-awareness and transcendence.

Metaphorically speaking we can say that the body is like a tape recorder, the spirit is the magnetic tape, the soul is the recording and consciousness is the act of listening to the recording.

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