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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Metaphysical and Multi-dimensional Scenarios

Then there was not non-existent nor existent:
there was no realm of air, nor sky beyond it.
What covered in, and where? And what gave shelter?
was water there, unfathomed depth of water?

Death was not then, nor was there aught immortal:
no sign was there, the day’s and night’s divider.
That one thing, breathless, breathed by its own nature
apart from it was nothing whatsoever.

Darkness there was: at first concealed in darkness,
this All was indiscriminate chaos.
All that existed then was void and formless;
by the great power of warmth was born that unit.

Thereafter rose desire in the beginning,
Desire after the primal seed and germ of spirit.
Sages who searched with their heart’s thought
discovered the existent’s kinship in the non-existent.

Transversely was their severing line extended:
what was above it then, and what below it?
There were begetters, there were mighty forces,
Free action here and energy of yonder.

Who verily knows and who can here declare it,
whence it was born and whence comes this creation?
The gods are later than this world’s production.
Who knows, then, whence it first came into being?

He the origin of this creation,
whether he formed it all or did not form it,
Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven,
He verily knows it, or perhaps he knows it not.

Rig Veda X.129 – The Song of Creation
                   (circa 3.900 a.C.)
Sanskrit translation: Friedrich Max Müller

The Birth of the World

The world is being born now. It is being born continuously. At this very moment, Consciousness creates its possible expressions: Evolution determines its manifestation. Depending on our level of Consciousness and Evolution we as beings participate in it more or less consciously.

The myths of every epoch and its peoples seem to agree that ‘universes’ are born in a primordial and transcendent nothingness from the dreams of an Absolute Consciousness as anomalous waves in the sea of All.

The Supreme Being can thus know itself and understand itself through the universes, just as our image is reflected in a mirror. Each universe is the expression of a new and different equilibrium: each one becomes, in its own way, a relative manifestation that is temporal and dynamic of the All.

Together the universes comprise an infinite ‘multi-versal’ kaleidoscope. They are reflected in that which the Absolute Being acquires infinite Consciousness of Itself, even though it is immobile, generative, eternally omni-comprehensive and totally complete as such.

The Being nourishes itself. The primordial universes give ‘substance’ to the dreams of God, where every reality can exist. These same universes – each and every part – are generated by primordial energies which, in their turn, become archetypes and cosmic phenomena, laws, geometries and vital processes: the instruments through which Consciousness – in its turn distributed on diverse levels – evolves in every atom, in every cell, in every body and in every thought.

In extreme synthesis, interpreting esoteric tradition, these levels of consciousness are represented as primordial ‘forces’ laws and intelligent entities. They are the Eons, according to Gnostic Christian terminology, the Neteru of Egyptian myth or perhaps we might even call them, the ‘Great Old Ones’, to re-evoke the vertiginous visions of H.P. Lovecraft. They are the existential and conscious Archetypes (or pre-Archetypes) of our mind itself: the Primeval Divinities.

In order to exist, the possible expressions of reality have to expand the territory of their own awareness, with the aim of recognizing themselves and finally reconstructing themselves but above all, of re-evolving in the infinite in which they originate, through endless combinations of the possible.
It is as if – paradoxically – the Absolute is insatiable in renewing Consciousness of itself. And every time such Consciousness is dissolved into Nothingness to then create itself again, it renews itself: such dynamics are at once eternal and yet simultaneous, infinite and pulsating, between manifest and immanifest, noumenon and phenomenon, omniscience and exploration, eternity and becoming, order and chaos.
Our Universe, in its entirety, is none other than one of these systems of reality: an opportunity for renewed awareness. It is the crystal in which Consciousness splinters into fragments, little by little delineating possible geometries, to then reflect itself infinitely, to evolve and in the final analysis, play hide and seek with itself.

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