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Sunday, July 22, 2012

About this Blog

This blog explores:

·          Spiritual Physics
·          Esoteric Kabbalah
·          Inner Alchemy
·          Soul, death and reincarnation
·          Ethics and approaches for renewed Awareness

The themes we are going to explore here are somewhat complex but I have tried to present them as clearly and succinctly as possible so that they are accessible to everyone and not just to experts in the field. My aim has been to make sense of the ideas rather than simply present the superficial facts and to offer readers my personal reflections in a context that is broad and well-versed on a cultural front. 

This blog is related with my recent book Soul and Reality. Fruit of twenty years experience, it is the ‘state of the art’ of my personal research; it describes paths and models in the light of the great changes to come and of the necessary awakening of consciousness that will characterize the imminent future of humanity.

My spiritual path began at an early age in a Catholic setting and then moved on towards Gnostic Christianity and Theosophy. It passed through the experience of Damanhurian community life, encountering various realities in the vast panorama of Italian and international New Age movements and later matured through personal research, (though not solitary or without  moments of sharing and precious comparison). It was stimulated by a study of the neo-Gnostic and Thelemic ideas of Shamanism during a year spent in Africa and by the Sufism of the Middle East, which I explored during the five years I spent there for professional reasons. Since my return to Italy in 2009 my intention has been to focus on achieving a healthy and well-founded spiritual growth but also to promote discussion and cooperation between free thinkers who are interested in being the avant-garde of real renewal, not only in terms of knowledge but above all, of living: individuals who sense that the key to a conscious and authentic re-awakening lies in the values of personal liberty and responsible self-determination. 

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