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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Divine Spark and Free Will

We can define the ‘Divine Spark’ (Yechidah), as a fragment of the Primeval Divinity (Zureh) which is an active element of evolved species with a sufficient level of complexity. The active role of the divine spark depends on a natural process in which, having reached a determined level of structural complexity, a material Form ‘ascends’ and becomes an active expression of the development of Consciousness in the Universe. We could imagine that the divine spark magnetizes the various personalities  around the attractor and establishes itself in each one.

In an incarnated soul structure it forms that divine principle which is potentially self-conscious and the bearer of free will. It is capable of self-perception, which is what distinguishes a ‘bridge-Form’ from other material Form.

It is important to remember that free will not only refers to the physical aspects of existence. Consciousness (God) distinguishes the world up to predetermined borders: Nature has its own laws just as the dynamics of our mind and body have their precise functions and in the same way define new conditions and social conventions.

What does free will consist of inside these preordained mechanisms?

Free will does not originate from divine, natural or social mechanisms; it refers to the ‘person’, to the added value that everyone produces and represents in terms of their own identity: that which goes beyond mere physicality to construct a higher and refined consciousness.

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